The fat one that can run. My talk.

The fat one that can run. My talk at the Travel Festival Leipzig on 18 January 2020 at 5.15. pm.

The fat one that can run. That is me, Annekatrin Els. Though the story is not about me.

10 years ago I moved to Uganda and met an incredible group of Rugby playing women from Uganda and the US.

Together we came up with the idea of Rugby Tackling Life; an organization / NGO that chose Rugby as its tool to empower girls and young women in Uganda… solely run and managed by Ugandan women, supported with a network from around the world.

We won the wild card to talk about, what we do at the Travel Festival Leipzig. Together with me, there will be my friend Robin on stage. Robin and I play Rugby together in Entebbe.

We will talk about our work, future, Rugby, Uganda, COOFFEEE and why „the fat one that can run“ isn’t actually an insult.

You can also get some COOFFEEE there!

Get your tickets now. See you there.