So far in 2017

COOFFEEE and travelling

When you read through our website Rugby Tackling Life you will learn about what we do (empowering women and educating men through rugby in Uganda…).
We would like to point out again that we now sell COOFFEEE and also safaris to Uganda and that a share of the profits will finance future Rugby Tackling Life activities. So, besides holding rugby training clinics, tournaments, we want to pay school fees for more girls and hold more SRHR / life skill education sessions.
Yes, COOFFEEE is expensive and I am sure there are also cheaper safari options to Uganda.  Before you make a decision, please do some research about coffee and also safaris if you like. Fair trade is not a logo just; it is knowing your partners and ensuring that everyone involved can make a living! And fair trade is transparency and it is never the cheap option. 

Rugby,  rugby,  rugby and life skills education

Together with Amplify Change we are running a Rugby clinic and SRHR / life skill education program in 2017:
A total number of 348 (192 female and 156 male) people were coached and trained how to coach rugby.
A total number of 249 (175 female and 96 male) students participated in RTL SRHR sessions.

12 and 13 May – rugby training clinic in Kitgum

RTL 2017 May Rugby clinic Kitgum 1 (1)

12 until 13 May – 7s rugby tournament in Lira

RTL Lira 7s school tournament 29 July 2017 8

01 and 02 June  – SRHR sessions in Kampala

The first SRHR session (Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights) took place with 11 participants from the North, East and Central Uganda and was organised by experienced facilitators. The session targeted Rugby coaches (male and female) to equip them with knowledge and skills on life skills and advocacy. The selected regions have poor health indicators related to adolescent health as well as high levels of poverty and increasing vulnerability of young people, especially girls. For example, the North is a post conflict and emergency area while the East is characterized with high teenage pregnancy and early and forced marriages. Five of the eleven participants were young people under 24 while 6 were 25 years and above. Seven were females and 4 were males. To integrate men is key to increase their understanding of SRHR and to tackle gender issues in the community.

The participants of the session spend more time with the player in their communities as the SRHR trainer. The SRHR trainer will continue to mentor and provide support to the newly trained participants.
Besides equipping the participants with SRHR knowledge and skills one objective was also to identify and explore ways of integrating life skills into Rugby.
The sessions covered an introduction on Rugby Tackling Life and Amplify Change and then went into growth and development of girls and women, sex and consequences, HIV, drug and substance abuse and life skills including discussions about goal setting, advocacy and mobilization and facilitation skills and report writing.

Life skille education training 2017

08 until 14 June – rugby training clinic in Pakwach
16 until 18 June – rugby training clinic in Arua
30 June until 02 July – rugby training clinic in Apac
06 September – SRHR session with Rhinos Hockey Academy

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. Despite having access to better schools and resources there is still a rampant poverty and teenage pregnancy rate.
A third of the girls in the Rhinos Hockey Academy play rugby, too, and when their coach heard about the RTL SRHR sessions with rugby players she requested RTL to hold a session with her hockey players.  The session was held by Peace Wokorach.


A lot of lessons were learned. The most important one is that there are many roads that lead to Rome to impact the Ugandan society but that communication and education are the key.
Additionally, we realize that some of our best player are also key role models when it comes to educating same age girls.
And we realize that we will never stop learning.