Period. About ending period poverty.

At RugbyTacklingLife, our mission is to empower girls and young women in Uganda through Rugby. 

Rugby creates an optimistic team atmosphere that conveys trust and support and enables sensitive issues related to sexual violence and reproductive health to be addressed. At Rugby Tackling Life, we feel responsible for offering an alternative to our Ugandan players.


Let’s talk about something that holds women in Uganda back from education, sports, and more, period poverty. 

Nearly 1 in 4 women in Uganda drop out of school when they begin menstruation. Only 57% of women complete their primary education. 

Stigmas surrounding menstruation have impacts on women socially, economically, and in many aspects of their life and well-being. These lead to a variety of problems for women and their well-being. From an inability to afford feminine hygiene products, early pregnancy, child marriages, domestic violence, malnourishment, and more. 

We want something different. PERIOD. 

At RugbyTacklingLife, we have been already been working towards alternatives by partnering with other individuals and organizations in order to support rugby players in Uganda to get menstruation products. Now it’s time to put it in the hands of our players and create a sustainable solution for women in Uganda.

That is why we need your help. Every donation matters, and will go to helping women create reusable pads and other products so that they can continue to go to school, play Rugby, and more. 


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