October 2017
October 2017

Rugby Tackling Life under 19 northern girls’ 10 aside tournament

Rugby Tackling Life held an under 19 northern girls’ 10 aside tournament on the 14th October in Kitgum. Five teams from five districts participated in the tournament – Apac Tigers, Arua SMEGS, Kitgum Comprehensive College, Lira Matrix and Pakwach Select. Apac Tigers and Lira Matrix were the first visiting teams to arrive in Kitgum at 8.00am while the West Nile teams, Arua SMEGS and Pakwach Select, eventually arrived in Kitgum at midday – 3 hours late due to two breakdowns along the way.
RTL’s Peace Wokorach first conducted a life skills education session with 66 girls who were who were aged between 14 to 22 years old. Information was exchanged during a very interactive session and a number of myths were dispelled as well. Kitgum’s only national team rugby player, Flavia Agenorwot, also gave an inspirational talk about her journey to play for Uganda. It was a great start to what was to be a wonderful afternoon of rugby. As Peace was conducting the life skills education session, RTL’s Bashir Bakel, had a session with 4 aspiring match officials from Kitgum who went on to do a commendable job as assistant referees through out the tournament. Each team played 4 games in a round robin format. Hosts Kitgum Comprehensive College won all their games and were crowned the 2017 RTL under 19 northern girls’ 10 aside champions.


Game 1: Apac Tigers 00 – 10 Kitgum Comprehensive College
Game 2: Arua SMEGS 05 – 00 Pakwach Select
Game 3: Apac Tigers 05 – 05 Lira Matrix
Game 4: Kitgum Comprehensive College 25 – 00 Pakwach Select
Game 5: Lira Matrix 15 – 05 Arua SMEGS
Game 6: Apac Tigers 25 – 00 Pakwach
Game 7: Kitgum Comprehensive College 17 – 00 Arua SMEGS
Game 8: Pakwach Select 00 – 25 Lira Matrix
Game 9: Arua SMEGS 00 – 10 Apac Tigers
Game 10: Kitgum Comprehensive College 15 – 00 Lira Matrix


Do not mind the quality of the pitch. It was all action. Barefoot.


Tournament Champions – Kitgum Comprehensive College
Team of the tournament – Arua SMEGS
Player of the tournament – Halima Ratib (Arua SMEGS)
Top Try Scorer – Prisca Eve Aber (Kitgum Comprehensive College)
Golden Boot – Franka Oyella (Kitgum Comprehensive College)
Each team received training tops/shorts courtesy of The Mamas Rugby. Arua SMEGS received a set of 7 aside rugby kit (shorts, jerseys and socks) while Pakwach Select and Lira Matrix each received a set of 10 aside jerseys courtesy of The Tag Rugby Trust.

Final Ranking

1. Kitgum Comprehensive College
2. Lira Matrix
3. Apac Tigers
4. Arua SMEGS
5. Pakwach Select
The top 3 teams – Kitgum, Lira and Apac – then travelled to Kampala for the RTL invitational under 18 girls’ 7s tournament on the 22nd of October.

Rugby Tackling Life under 18 girls’ 7 aside tournament



Continuation is important. A life skills education session in Kampala.

Rugby Tackling Life held an under 18 girls tournament on 22nd October at the Kyadondo Rugby Club. Six under 18 girls’ team from the Eastern, Northern and Central regions participated – Apac Tigers, Baby Panthers (from Legends in Kampala), Busia Lady Rhinos, Jinja Police Teargas Rangers Kitgum Junior Queens and Lira Matrix. The day started with a life skills education session conducted by RTLs Peace Wokorach for 85 girls aged between 14-18 years.  The players provided answers to questions that Peace asked and lively discussions went on based on the answers and all of information was passed on this way.  Additionally, Uganda Rugby Medical Society’s Nelson Mayeku, trained a medic from Kitgum in pitchside rugby care prior to the tournament and worked together with her throughout the RTL tournament to ensure that she will be able to handle rugby games in Kitgum as well as pass on her knowledge to other medics in Kitgum.  Each team played 5 games in a round robin format.  Jinja Police Teargas Rangers won all their games and were crowned the 2017 RTL under 19 girls’ 7 aside champions.


Nelsons training was put straight into practice. Medics are just as important as the rest of the team.


Game 1: Baby Panthers 32 – 00 Busia Lady Rhinos
Game 2: Jinja Police Teargas Rangers 33 – 00 Lira Matrix
Game 3: Apac Tigers 00 – 30 Kitgum Junior Queens
Game 4: Baby Panthers 10 – 05 Lira Matrix
Game 5: Apac Tigers 12 – 24 Jinja Police Teargas Rangers
Game 6: Busia Lady Rhinos 00 – 24 Kitgum Junior Queens
Game 7: Jinja Police Teargas Rangers 37 – 00 Baby Panthers
Game 8: Busia Lady Rhinos 05 – 12 Apac Tigers
Game 9: Kitgum Junior Queens 00 – 05 Lira Matrix
Game 10: Busia Lady Rhinos 05 – 47 Jinja Police Teargas Rangers
Game 11: Lira Matrix 10 – 12 Apac Tigers
Game 12: Kitgum Junior Queens 24 – 05 Baby Panthers
Game 13: Lira Matrix 31 – 00 Busia Lady Rhinos
Game 14: Apac Tigers 05 – 10 Baby Panthers
Game 15: Kitgum Junior Queens 12 – 24 Jinja Police Teargas Rangers


Tournament champions – Jinja Police Teargas Rangers
Player of the tournament – Emilly Lekuru (Jinja Police Teargas Rangers)
Top try scorer – Emilly Lekuru (Jinja Police Teargas Rangers)
Golden boot – Tina Akello (Jinja Police Teargas Rangers)
Top tackler – Mercy Kidini (Apac Tigers)
Apac Tigers were the top tackling team in the tournament and received a set of 15s jerseys and a set of training vests courtesy of The Mamas Rugby Club.

Tournament ranking

  1. Jinja Police Teargas Rangers
  2. Kitgum Junior Queens
  3. Baby Panthers (Legends, Kampala)
  4. Lira Matrix
  5. Apac Tigers
  6. Busia Lady Rhinos

Rugby Tackling Life under 14 mixed (girls’ and boys’) 7 aside tournament



Under 14’s action.

Two teams, Fortuna Naguru Invaders and Jinja Charles River Rats, tussled it out in the under 14 mixed category held on 22nd October 2017 at Kyadondo Rugby Club.  The young players had spectators on their feet and cheering their every move during their games.  Fortuna Naguru Invaders was composed of boys only while Jinja Charles River Rats had both girls and boys.  The two teams played each other 4 times and Fortuna Naguru Invaders won all 4 games and were crowned the 2017 RTL under 14 7 aside champions.


Game 1: Fortuna Naguru Invaders 14 – 07 Jinja Charles River Rats
Game 2: Jinja Charles River Rats 00 – 21 Fortuna Naguru Invaders
Game 3: Fortuna Naguru Invaders 12 – 00 Jinja Charles River Rats
Game 4: Jinja Charles River Rats 00 – 26 Fortuna Naguru Invaders


Players of the tournament – Shafiq Musa Mansoor (Jinja Charles River Rats) and Abdul Malik (Fortuna Naguru Invaders)
Top try scorer – Abdul Malik (Fortuna Naguru Invaders)
Golden boot – Jafari Abdalla (Fortuna Naguru Invaders)
Top tacklers – Sarah Atim (Jinja Charles River Rats) and Shafiq Okello (Fortuna Naguru Invaders)

Tournament ranking

  1. Fortuna Naguru Invaders
  2. Jinja Charles River Rats

RTL had a special guest that day, Moa Wejle, from The Mamas Rugby Club.  The Mamas have provided a lot of support to RTL and we were happy to have Moa on the ground to be part of a fantastic RTL day.


Mama’s Rugby Support. Never throw old sports equipment away. In Uganda it is hard for us to get our hands on any at all.

Oyam on board

And while all the tournaments are happening we received word that Oyam district is now on board the rugby bus thanks to George Robson Molo. He introduced rugby to Abok Seed Seconday School today and also held a Life Skills session with the students.

Saturday is a Rugby day!
Saturdays in Kampala are kicked off with the most important action of all – Totos rugby at the Legends Sports Grounds, Bar & Restaurant rugby grounds from 9.30 – 11.30am. Girls and boys of all ages are welcome. No prior rugby experience is needed – all the children need is to be ready to learn new skills, make new friends, learn how to share and to have lots of fun.

Masaka next 
And while I am writing this, RTL’s Helen Koyokoyo Buteme, Emmanuella Oroma, Bashir Bakel and Peace Wokorach arrived in Masaka district last night. They travelled to Suubi Secondary School in Lubanda village this morning where they met the students and staff. Oroma, Bakel and Wokorach started off with Life Skills sessions with the students which is then followed by some Rugby practice, of course.
RTL’s trip to Masaka is sponsored by the Uganda Mathon and Ruusuvuoren Kuolu.

Continuous growth
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