More than a marathon, COOFFEEE and supporting Rugby Tackling Life
More than a marathon, COOFFEEE and supporting Rugby Tackling Life
The Uganda Marathon is an incredible fundraising event that has won numerous awards around the world including Best International Running Event in the UK and also was voted the 3rd best marathon to run in the world by Red Bull. On top of this it has received incredible feedback from previous runners with 9/10 saying it was the best week of their lives and recommending others to participate.
This is because it is so much more than marathon. It is a adventure like no other that takes you on a week of experiencing life in rural Uganda. You will help combat the global issue of climate change through a innovative recycling campaign, leave your legacy as you visit and work alongside the projects money raised will be supporting as well as learn cultural dancing and be led around the beautiful town of Masaka by the people that know it bests its happy residence. Their website can give you all the details you need to see how this week wont only change your life but thousands of others in Masaka to.
The NGO Rugby Tackling Life (RTL) have partnered with the Uganda Marathon in the past to bring Rugby and our life skills classes to Masaka for the first time in 2017. We now want to take this partnership further with your support. RTL is looking to send a team of out to Uganda to be apart of this incredible event. You don’t have to be a marathon runner or even a runner at all, the experience actually attracts 60% of first time marathon runners and many people take on the 10km or 21km challenges. 
All you have to be is adventurous and passionate about RTL!!
You would fly out to Uganda join our Ugandan rugby team and represent RTL throughout the week and see directly RTL’s impact in the community being led by the incredible Helen. Before on 30th May Race Day were you will be joined by 5,000 East African runners in the most fun run of your life. You can’t fail to be inspired to seek sponsorship from friends colleagues and family for RTL’s work so as you run whatever distance you take on you will know that each step will help raise funds to empower communities in Uganda. 
So why not sign-up for a once in life time adventure where you can leave lasting legacy as you have the best time of your life? And yes, there will be COOFFEEE, too.
Who is in? Come along with friends, family, rugby team mates, runner friends, colleagues.
Have a read through on the website and get in touch with me asap. (
Talk tomorrow.