Make us run. With you.
Make us run. With you.
Make us run and run with us.
Rasta will run in South Africa, Kate and Christina in the US, Koyo in Uganda, Anne in Germany.
Where will you be running? On 30 May it is not only Anne’s birthday but it should have also been the date of the Uganda Maratahon which was, of course, postponed. We may not be running in the red, Ugandan dirt, but we can still run in our own neighborhoods and continue to support our girls in Uganda.
Thinking ahead.
Let’s not forget that the Corona pandemic will have worse consequences for those less privileged, so the proceeds from our MAKE US RUN campaign will go toward supporting our players who have been impacted by the pandemic and need some help. When we raise enough money to support our players and their families through these trying times and still have some leftover, then those funds will go toward future activities, school fees and rugby equipment so that our programs can come back stronger than ever once it is safe to start playing again!
Here is how it works:
1. On 30 May MAKE US RUN and run with us, too! Run, walk, hike, cycle… just get outside.
2. Post a photo with the hashtag #makeusrun
3. Donate the amount of kms you ran, walked, hiked or cycled to the following page:

Webale nyo.