Knowledge makes everything easier
Knowledge makes everything easier

As a mum I watch my daugther growing up and I can help her being curious about the world and encourage her to learn every day.
With my knowledge I have come to learn that it does take a whole village to bring up a child and it just happens that our village consists of women from many countries who have chosen Rugby Tackling Life as our tool to empower many girls and take care of them, too.
So here comes Emilly. She used to be one of our cry babies. Now she is 19 and already the best player in Uganda. We want to send her to New Zealand for a once in a life time opportunity. We are asking for your investment into her future because she deserves it, like all our children do. Please consider to donate, too: Emilly’s Journey from Uganda to New Zealand

I want to encourage you to browse through our website, read about Rugby Tackling Life, Fabulous Uganda and, of course, COOFFEEE.

COOFFEEE is a Ugandan coffee blend that I developed together with the team at Great Lakes Coffee in Uganda. Like with every good relationship my love grew when I got to know coffee better. This crop and its history and future explain why we do what we do at Rugby Tackling Life. It is pretty simple. We want to make sure that everyone who is involved with COOFFEEE makes a fair share and that starts obviously with the coffee farmer. I was lucky to have lived in Uganda for 7 years and had many chances of travelling and spending time with coffee farmer and other people involved with coffee.

Order here: COOFFEEE

Talk soon.