Just walking, no talking

We had big plans for Uganda this year. Running the Uganda Marathon at the end of May and spending the summer with our family in Uganda. Life has changed for all of us. While most of the Rugby Tackling Life team in Uganda and the US is still in lockdown, we try to remain positive and keep busy with whatever is good for us.

I started running and walking a lot more. I am living in this very beautiful region called Fläming in Germany: lots of nature, stunning and unique landscapes and most importantly hardly any people.

So I thought that if I cannot travel to Uganda, let me talk about it by NOT talking and just getting some friends together for COOFFEEE walks. Just walking, no talking.

Nature, a cup of coffee and silence.

I might only talk for myself; what I need is great company but not talking. I do not need any more information or conversation. I just want to feel togetherness and silence!

Nothing is organised. We meet and start walking together. If you find a great spot along the route, stop, sit down, read or think or do whatever else you like. Most routes will be well signposted.

Our first COOFFEEE walk takes place this Saturday, 27 June 2020. We meet at 9 am at the train station in Medewitz. The route is approx. 14 km long. Bring a coffee cup, insect repellent and sun cream.

See you on Saturday.


P.S. And yes, you can buy COOFFEEE that day, too!