„All of the female producers of this coffee are members of the forward-thinking Hingakawa Empowerment group.

The Minazi women involved in the production of this gorgeous complex coffee are all members of the forward-thinking Hingakawa empowerment group, established by Abakundakawa Rushashi, one of Rwanda’s leading coffee coop supporters of rural women’s rights. The Hingakawa, is an organisation that was pivotal in allowing women’s property rights in coffee (owning trees and land!) in not just Rwanda, but in all of East Africa.

Rushashi serves as a prime example of how Rwandan cooperative societies can become sustainable by constantly improving quality and operating sustainably. „

Source: https://www.girlswhogrindcoffee.com/

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250 gr beans Espresso roast – that is what we start with.

One bag goes for 12 £ plus delivery. There is no minimum order.

Send me an email with how many bags you need to ruby@coofeee.com.

I will send you the invoice. You pay.

The coffee is sent to you. You enjoy & spread the word.


No, it just takes a couple of minutes longer than your usual online payment. So, lets get started.

We will run this coffee until the end of November.

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Keep sending me your recommendation for coffee places around the world. I’d love to talk to them and create win-win situations for everyone!