Getting an idea.
Getting an idea.

Just to give you an example what your safari could look like read on. This is how it could be. 10 days of Fabulous Uganda. And what does it do? Besides you having an amazing vaccation, we will donate 50 Euro to Rugby Tackling Life to ensure our program goes on and schoolfees are paid.

Day 1 Entebbe/ / Arrival and Meet & Greet at the airport  Your tour guide will welcome you at Entebbe airport and take you to your first accommodation, a beautiful boutique hotel in Entebbe. Let your safari begin! 1x Night at Papyrus Guest House, B (breakfast)

Rugby Tackling Life - COOFFEEE. A Ugandan coffee blend that we developed ourselves. Super great coffee we are very proud of and that you can buy online, too.

Rugby Tackling Life – COOFFEEE. A Ugandan coffee blend that we developed ourselves. Super great coffee we are very proud of and that you can buy online, too.

Day 2 Kibale Forest National Park/ Scenic drive to the park Today you drive to the Kibale Forest National Park. The impressive park is the dream of every primate fan. 80% of its area is covered with evergreen wet forests and lush deciduous forests. The rest of the park consists of swamps and grassland. Due to the high proportion of forest, more than 1,000 chimpanzees live here, of which a group of about 80 are accustomed to the presence of visitors. There are also some easily observed monkey species such as the Black and White and the Red Colobus Monkey, as well as the Red Tailed Monkey. With a little luck you may even find the rare forest elephants here. 2x Nights at Isunga Lodge, B/L/D (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Busy street in Uganda & the best pineapples you will ever eat.

Day 3 Kibale Forest National Park . Optional: Chimpanzee Tracking, Bigodi Swamp Walk Today after breakfast you have the possibility to go on an exciting chimpanzee search. Kibale Forest inhabituates the largest number of primate species in the world, including our very peaceful relatives, the chimpanzees. Nowadays, there are about 4.950 wild chimpanzees in Uganda, which makes it a unique area of observations. During your guided forest walk you will learn a lot about the diverse flora and fauna in the park. In the afternoon you can take a walk in the Bigodi Swamp (approx. 2-3 hours). This tour takes you through pastures, small villages, tea plantations and other impressive landscapes where the locals will warmly welcome you by waving enthusiastically. It is normal to see up to three or four different types of monkeys on this hike, but the highlight of the tour certainly is spotting the Great Blue Turaco, an unbelievably beautiful bird! B/L/D 

Optional: Crater Lake Hike Your last activity in Kibale could be an unforgettable crater lake hike. Stroll through villages while walking around a beautiful lake. At noon you then say goodbye to the forest and drive a short distance to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Before you check into your new accommodation, go hunting for gazelles, warthogs, waterbucks, also lions, hippos, elephants and buffalos – but only with your camera! ☺ 2x Nights at Marafiki Safari Lodge, B/L/D 

Day 5 Queen Elizabeth National Park/ Safari Optional: Kazinga Channel Boat Tour Start the day with another game drive through the national park. Keep your eyes open and the camera ready – the chance of meeting a group of lions resting in the sun after an eventful night is very big. In the afternoon you can choose to do a boat trip on the Kazinga Channel. This channel flows through the middle of the park and connects the lakes Edward and George. You will see more hippos and buffalos than you can imagine. Bathing elephants are also regular guests here. This boat safari could undoubtedly be another highlight of your tour. B/L/D

Rugby Tackling Life Hippos Photo by Andre Boettcher

Hello hippos

Day 6 Queen Elizabeth National Park/ Ishasha Sector with Tree Lions Another highlight awaits you today: Ishasha, located in the southern part of the park. This area is known for its tree-climbing lions, which are unique in Africa. The lions climb the trees to relax and escape the sun at the hottest time of day. You have a good chance of seeing the lions in the tops of African fig trees. This offers a unique opportunity for wonderful photo shoots. 1x Night at Enjojo Lodge, B/L/D

Rugby Tackling Life Gorilla Photo by Andre Boettcher

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a must see. Because of her. Go track gorillas.

Day 7 Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/ Lake Mutanda Today after an early breakfast you will explore the park one last time and then your journey takes you to another breath-taking attraction – the home of the mountain gorillas. The „gentle giants“ can be found in the southern part of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The roads are somewhat bumpy, but the many impressions through the wonderful landscape, past banana plantations, lakes and islands, with unique panoramic views, will certainly compensate you. You will also pass extensive hilly landscapes and tropical rainforests before the impressive Virunga volcanoes finally appear in front of you. 2x Nights at Chameleon Hill Lodge, B/L/D 

Rugby Tackling Life Rain forest Uganda Photo by Andre Boettcher

To see a photo is nothing compared to standing right in it. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Day 8 Bwindi Impenetrable National Park /Optional: Gorilla Tracking Prepare to meet Bwindi’s gentle giants: the rare mountain gorillas. For most visitors, this is the absolute highlight of their Uganda trip! The gorillas you will see today belong to a family that accepts the presence of humans. Your tour will be a very special and exciting one – along the wooded slopes, through winding vines, past bushes and bamboo plants before you finally see the gorillas. On the tour your ranger will show you traces of previous gorilla activities such as faeces, nests and nibbled bamboo shoots. You will learn a lot about the Ugandan giants and if it gets slippery, a ranger will lend you his hand. It is an emotional, touching and very impressive experience to face a gorilla face to face.

Go for a boat ride. Sit back.

Day 9 Lake Mburo National Park/ Safari at Lake Mburo National Park After an extensive breakfast your journey continues into the Lake Mburo National Park. The National Park is one of the smallest parks in Uganda, but not to be underestimated. It is home to zebras, elands and impalas, and most recently giraffes that have been relocated there from Murchison Falls National Park – not to mention the lake itself: The lake is teeming with crocodiles and hippos! Lake Mburo is a wonderful place to relax in nature. The lake and the surrounding swamps offer many opportunities for bird-watching and wildlife watching. 1x Nights at Eagle’s Nest, B/L/D

Day 10 Entebbe airport/ Equator, airport transfer & departure After breakfast you take part in another game drive and then drive back to Entebbe. On the way there you stop at the equator monument. Here you can experience the interesting „water experiment“ and take some more photos. Finally, your tour guide will take you to Entebbe Airport. Time to say goodbye, „Olugendo Olulungi“ – a safe journey.

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