Fabulous Uganda. It is time to travel again.
Fabulous Uganda. It is time to travel again.

I have questions, too. For months we have all been keeping it low, not travelling too far, following strict instructions. So, what is it like to travel now? Can we just go back to where we stopped earlier this year?

Yes, we should. Because we are careful and follow the rules but we must also consider that tourism is a huge industry that already has suffered enormously.

Never wait for tomorrow. I believe, this is is truly what we have all learned this year. Cease the day, stay healthy, be good to yourself, get outside often and regularly and switch off that bloody phone more often, too.

No more bucket lists! Let’s just do things.

Let’s travel.

Precisely, I would love you to travel to Uganda. I have been in touch with my partner in Uganda throughout the whole year, anxiously checking on them and hoping that they will all get through it. So, now I want you all to travel to Uganda, because why wait for tomorrow & because we need to support the tourism industry and Rugby Tackling Life, too, because as you know I donate 50 USD per traveller to our NGO Rugby Tackling Life so that we can continue to empower girls through Rugby.

Ok, so I say Uganda and you think: „What on earth am I supposed to do there?“ I can tell you what to do. The plan is that you come for 2 weeks and either be driven or even self drive.

Boda boda city tour, Murchsion Falls National Park, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Kibale Forest National Park, Bigodi swamp walk, chimpanzee tracking, Queen Elizabeth National Park, safari drives, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, gorilla tracking, Lake Mburo National Park, boat trip on the lake.

You might not know what to expect, but I can tell you: an abundance of wildlife and nature for sure. Find out more and send me an email to ruby@cooffeee.com and I will send you all details.

Until then, stay safe and happy.