Emilly must GO!
Emilly must GO!

May is the best month of the year. ?
It so happens that many of us at Rugby Tackling Life have their birthdays in this beautiful month.
Irene (04th May), Kate (22nd May), Koyo (27th May) and Anne (30th May) decided instead of presents & flowers, we want your support because Emilly MUST GO to New Zealand for the St Bede’s International Rugby Programme.
By donating towards her course in NZ you are ensuring that Rugby in Uganda will grow. Emilly is already the best player in the country at the age of 19.
So what next?
At Rugby Tackling Life we use Rugby as our tool to empower girls and women in Uganda & we are asking you to consider a generous donation towards our empowerment goals as our BIRTHDAY GIFT! ???1500 Euro is our goal.
You can easily donate here: https://betterplace.org/p69117
Thank you, Webale nyo, Danke schön & Awadifo mini.