December 2017
December 2017

The whole world seems to be getting ready for Xmas and so are we. But first things first, read on for the December 10th Entebbe tournament that offered some great Rugby, life skills education, medical training and more Rugby!

Rugby Tackling Life women’s 7 aside tournament

Rugby Tackling Life (RTL) held a women’s 7s tournament on 10th December at the Entebbe Mongers’ “House of Pain” home ground (Entebbe Secondary School playground). Six women’s teams from the Eastern, Northern and Central regions participated – Apac Tigers, Black Panthers (from Legends in Kampala), Busia Lady Rhinos, Kitgum Queens, Lira Matrix and Walukuba Titans (from Jinja).
The day started with a life skills education session conducted by RTLs Emmanuella Oroma with about 80 girls and women aged between 12-33 years.  The session was interactive and the players responded positively to it with many asking questions and also offering their opinions on the various topics.  Additionally, Uganda Rugby Medical Society’s (URMS) Nelson Mayeku, trained medics from Apac, Kampala, Kitgum and Lira in pitch side rugby care prior to the tournament and worked together with them throughout the tournament.  The medics had a busy day and had a lot of hands on experience such that they will be able to  pass on their knowledge to other medics in their respective regions and also be able to handle injuries during Rugby events.

RTL Entebbe 10 December 2017 2

Nelson during medical training

Each team played 5 games in a round robin format.  Walukuba Titans won all their games and were crowned the 2017 RTL women’s 7 aside champions.


Game 1: Kitgum Queens 15-05  Lira Matrix
Game 2: Black Panthers 29-00 Apac Tigers
Game 3: Walukuba Titans 31 – 00 Busia Lady Rhinos
Game 4: Busia Lady Rhinos 00-22 Black Panthers
Game 5: Walukuba Titans 26-00 Lira Matrix
Game 6: Apac Tigers 00-05 Kitgum Queens
Game 7: Busia Lady Rhinos 07-07 Lira Matrix
Game 8: Walukuba Titans 24-00 Apac Tigers
Game 9: Black Panthers 10-00 Kitgum Queens
Game 10: Apac Tigers 10-07 Busia Lady Rhinos
Game 11: Lira Matrix 05-10 Black Panthers
Game 12: Walukuba Titans 26-00 Kitgum Queens
Game 13: Lira Matrix 17-00 Apac Tigers
Game 14: Kitgum Queens 17-00 Busia Lady Rhinos
Game 15: Walukuba Titans 26-00 Black Panthers


Tournament champions – Walukuba Titans
Player of the tournament – Grace Auma (Walukuba Titans)
Top try scorer – Emilly Lekuru (Walukuba Titans)
Golden boot – Immaculate Mufuwa (Walukuba Titans)
Top tackler – Sophie Luka Amato (Kitgum Queens)

RTL Entebbe 10 December 2017 8

Golden boot for most conversions – Immaculate Mufuwa (Walukuba Titans)

Tournament ranking

  1. Walukuba Titans (Jinja)
  2. Black Panthers (Legends, Kampala)
  3. Kitgum Queens
  4. Lira Matrix
  5. Apac Tigers
  6. Busia Lady Rhinos


RTL Entebbe 10 December 2017 10

Tournament champions women’s 7s – Walukuba Titans


Do you like what you are reading and thinking what we do is the way forward?

Rugby Tackling Life under 14 mixed (girls’ and boys’) 7 aside tournament

Four teams, Naguru Fortuna Invaders, Naguru Lions, Jinja Police Teargas Rangers under 14s and Jinja Charles River Rats, took part in the under 14 mixed category held on 10th December at the Entebbe Mongers’ “House of Pain” home ground.  All 4 teams had both girls and boys in their line ups. Once again the young players stole spectators’ hearts and had people looking forward to them taking to the pitch.  The four teams first played each other in a round robin format then Jinja Police Teargas Rangers under 14s and Naguru Fortuna Invaders met in the final while Naguru Lions and Jinja Charles River Rats meeting in the 3rd/4th playoff.  There was drama when Jinja Police Teargas Rangers under 14s equalised in the dying minutes of the final.  At the end of the final, the teams were tied at 07-07 and went to a drop kick competition to decide the winner.  Jinja Police Teargas Rangers under 14s converted 2 out of 3 kicks while Naguru Fortuna Invaders converted 3 out of 3 kicks and were crowned the 2017 RTL under 14 7 aside champions.

RTL Entebbe 10 December 2017 5

Tournament champions under 14 – Fortuna Naguru Invaders


Game 1: Jinja Police Teargas Rangers under 14s 00-07 Naguru Lions
Game 2: Naguru Fortuna Invaders 07-00 Jinja Charles River Rats
Game 3: Naguru Fortuna Invaders 12-07 Naguru Lions
Game 4: Jinja Charles River Rats 00 – 21 Jinja Police Teargas Rangers under 14s
Game 5: Naguru Lions 19 – 00 Jinja Charles River Rats
Game 6: Jinja Police Teargas Rangers under 14s 00- 07 Fortuna Naguru Invaders
Game 7: Naguru Lions 14-00 Jinja Charles River Rats
Game 8: Fortuna Naguru Invaders 07-07 Jinja Police Teargas Rangers under 14s


Player of the tournament – Emmanuel Okot (Jinja Police Teargas Rangers under 14s)
Top try scorer – Jafari Abdalla (Naguru Lions)
Golden boot – Shafiq Abdu (Naguru Lions)
Top tackler – Ashaba Malik (Fortuna Naguru Invaders)
Tackle of the day – Sarah Atim (Jinja Charles River Rats)

Tournament ranking

  1. Fortuna Naguru Invaders
  2. Jinja Police Teargas Rangers under 14s
  3. Naguru Lions
  4. Jinja Charles River Rats
RTL Entebbe 10 December 2017 7

Tackle of the day – Sarah Atim (Jinja Charles River Rats)

Kristin Kvalvik, from Norway, was RTLs had a special guest that day.  She had spent the week finding out how RTL functioned and meeting beneficiaries of the RTL programme.  Apart from donating rugby training gear to RTL she also featured for Black Panthers during the tournament.  Kristin has promised to visit Uganda again and we look forward to seeing and working with her in the future.
It is essential for us at Rugby Tackling Life to develop partnerships with players, coaches, teams etc who are willing to come to visit us in Uganda. Yes, we always need financial support BUT we also need quality manpower that can teach and train and make us better in what we do!
Thank you to everyone who ensured the Entebbe tournament turned out to be a fantastic tournament!

A great year. Merry Xmas to all of you. 
We wish you all a great time. Be merry and happy.
Do not come up with 2018 resolutions. Be content. You know what you have to work on day by day no matter which year! Continuously ask yourself: Is this the best version of me? Is this who I want to be?
Lots of love.


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