COOFFEE walks. My Rugby alternative.

We do not need more information. We need save places where we feel at home and moments where our minds stop pacing and where we find strength and motivation for the next days! And while we are at it, let us do good for others, too.

I might not be allowed to travel to Uganda right now but that does not stop me or rather us from exploring our home here in Germany. We live about 2 hours south of Berlin in this beautiful region called the FLAEMING.

While we cannot play much Rugby neither, we spent a lot of time hiking and cycling since we moved here in December 2016. We love it but we also realise that not many people know how beautiful it is around here. There are some very unique features to be found but you will not find those when you drive through. You need to walk or hike or cycle because the beauty is not obvious. It is shy but once you discover it you can see it everywhere… and you will get addicted, just like us.

The nagging

At the same time, while we are busy enjoying life, some of our girls in Uganda struggle real hard and I am very aware of that. It is a constant nagging in the back in my mind. What can I do to help even though I am thousands of miles away and I am not even allowed to travel there?

Sanitary pads

We are talking lack of all daily necessities and as you know our main focus is on reusable sanitary pads to ensure girls have them while they have their period and do not need to use unhygienic materials or even worse and my personal nightmare sell themselves to be able to buy sanitary pads.

My idea is to raise funds for the girls not just by selling COOFFEEE as usual but by combining my two homes and I came up with the idea of COOFFEE walks… It seems so easy for us to create those save places and find those happy moments; walking in a forest, minding our own business, coffee in hand. But what about those people especially girls who do not have these places and moments?


We explore the Flaeming together while we drink COOFFEEE and then everyone who walked with me will also get a bag of COOFFEEE to take home, to try more and then keep on ordering. That means we will do walks or rather hikes together and while we are at it, we support Rugby Tackling Life, too.

I do not plan to organised guided tours and will not bombard you with lots of information. I would love to accompany you and everyone walks in their own pace and if you like, you sit down and rest or read a book when you feel like it. I will also bring books to share, too.

I chose one specific tour for the COOFFEEE walk for now as I keep on exploring more and more. You can book your tour here:


For everyone, who does not live close by, you can still keep on ordering COOFFEEE here. As usual, I donate 3 Euro per bag to Rugby Tackling Life in Uganda to support our girls in these tough times even more.

See you all soon.