Bweyogerere 7s
Bweyogerere 7s

On 4th Octover Rugby Tackling Life held an under 19 girls Rugby 7s tournament in Bweyogerere.

The talent we keep on seeing during these tournaments are unbelievable.

RTL under 19 girls‘ Emerging 7s award winners

Champions: Nkoma Secondary School, Mbale
Best Player: Mastula Namboozo (Nkoma Secondary School)
Top Tackler: Gloria Siasa (Nile High School-Odia campus, Arua)
Top Try Scorer: Sharon Onzia – 7 tries (Nile High School-Odia campus, Arua)
Golden boot: Doreen Inzikuru – 7 conversions (Nile High School-Odia campus, Arua)

RTL under 19 girls‘ Emerging 7s final ranking

1. Nkoma Secondary School, Mbale
2. YY Okot Memorial College, Kitgum
3. Nile High School-Odia campus, Arua
4. Lumino High School, Busia
5. Balawoli Secondary School, Kamuli
6. St Jude Secondary School, Masaka
7. Suubi Secondary School, Lwengo

Life skills training

Before the RTL under 19 girls‘ Emerging 7s kicked off, Flavia Agenorwot held a Life Skills and Menstruation Hygiene Management session with the players. The tournament is at Kings Park Arena in Bweyogerere.

The Uganda Lady Cranes 7s team who had just wound up their training session also introduced themselves to the players and gave motivational speeches and encouraged the players to aspire to play for Uganda as well. The Lady Cranes 7s players then attached themselves to the 7 teams and will give them guidance during the tourney.

This tournament and the Life Skills and MGM sessions were made possible by a donation from Ruusuvuoren Koulu in Finland. Kiitos!

Pool stages

Game 1: YY Okot Memorial College (Kitgum) 10-00 Suubi Secondary School (Lwengo)
Game 2: Balawoli Secondary School (Kamuli) 00-07 Nkoma Secondary School (Mbale)
Game 3: St Jude Secondary School (Masaka) 10-26 Nile High School (Arua)
Game 4: YY Okot Memorial College 12-07 Balawoli Secondary School
Game 5: Nkoma Secondary School 17-00 Suubi Secondary School
Game 6: Lumino High School (Busia) 05-05 St Jude Secondary School
Game 7: Suubi Secondary School 00-05 Balawoli Secondary School
Game 8: Nkoma Secondary School 05-07 YY Okot
Game 9: Nile High School 12-00 Lumino High School

Knockout stages

Placement game 1 for 5th-7th place
Game 10: St Jude Secondary School 19-05 Suubi Secondary School
First main cup semifinal
Game 11: Nile High School 05-07 Nkoma Secondary School
Placement game 2 for 5th-7th place
Game 12: Balawoli Secondary School 31-00 Suubi Secondary School
Second main cup semifinal
Game 13: YY Okot Memorial College 31-00 Lumino High School
Placement game 3 for 5th-7th place
Game 14: St Jude Secondary School 19-05 Balawoli Secondary School
3rd/4th playoff
Game 15: Nile High School 31-00 Lumino High School
Main Cup final
Game 16: Nkoma Secondary School 26-10 YY Okot Memorial College

Nkoma Secondary School from Mbale are the 2019 RTL under 19 girls‘ Emerging 7s champions! Congratulations!

A BIG THANK YOU to all those who made this tournament a success,
•Ruusuvuoren Koulu for the donation
•Kings Park Arena for the facility
•The players
•The coaches
•The school administrators
•The match officials
•The medical team from Life Link Medical Centre
•The Lady Cranes 7s players for their words of inspiration and assisting teams in the morning
•Stanbic Bank for a tent
•The RTL officials.

Thank you also to all the photographers, especially Helen Koyokoyo Buteme.

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#rugbytacklinglife chosing Rugby as a tool to empower girls in Uganda!