A poem for mornings and all about COOFFEEE.
A poem for mornings and all about COOFFEEE.

How do COOFFEEE and Rugby Tackling Life work together and what does coffee first of all have to do with Rugby?

To be very precise, the answer is, because we make it work. Uganda is a big coffee producer though quality flaws in recent years have had their impact. The three coffee regions still face quite a lot of challenges but there is, of course, a way forward when you take the time and invest in the regions with sustainable measures. The coffee roaster who took up our crazy idea to develop COOFFEEE is Great Lakes Coffee based in Kampala. Andreas and his family have been involved in coffee in Africa for three generations. They know the only way forward is to involve all members of society; especially to empower women. Read here a recent traceability report:
GLC – Uganda Sourcing & Traceability Report (As of Mar.2016)


When we approached Andreas and his team about the idea to develop a coffee that supports women’s Rugby in Uganda he was in it from the first second because he loves Rugby and he understands the importance of empowering women.  In July 2015 we developed COOFFEEE and started promoting it in Uganda. Great Lakes Coffee then donates a certain amount of the profit to Rugby Tackling Life which allows us to finance our Rugby and life skills education.


COOFFEEE East Africa design


Why COOFFEEE sales are important in Uganda.
Of course, it is very important to promote COOFFEEE in Uganda but not only because its totally amazing black gold but because we want to develop a „sales“ team of Rugby player who also learn how to develop a network, stay in touch with customer, sell COOFFEEE at Rugby games etc. Though we are all still volunteers the aim is that all of us can make a living through Rugby Tackling Life and COOFFEEE because we all need to pay bills and, yes, we do volunteer but if we want Rugby Tackling Life to succeed we need to focus on it a 100% and right now we all have to juggle jobs quite a bit to move Rugby Tackling Life forward.

The rest of the world needs COOFFEEE, too!
Uganda is, however, not yet a huge coffee drinking society. Other countries, especially many Rugby countries, are.  So why not set up an online shop to sell COOFFEEE there, too? That is exactly what we are currently working on. The idea is that though we still rely on grants and private donations, we would like to start earning our own income. We do not want anyone to donate or buy COOFFEEE because they feel sorry for the situation the girls are in because feeling sorry has never filled a stomach. We want everyone to buy from us because they believe it is outstanding what we do and because we go places with the girls and because everyone can see that this is a sustainable project!  So, here it is. Follow the link and order.


A lot of thought has been going into this and how we set this up. There is a lot of talk about the supply chain and adding value and about Fair Trade certification. And yes, yes, yes all of this is important. However, our focus is still on the coffee growing communities and especially the women and we as Rugby Tackling Life believe that Great Lakes Coffee handles their business fair and because we know them and trust them we believe that this is fair enough. A label is a label but we know what is in our COOFFEEE.  The first online order is on its way to Germany. The packaging was adapted, we developed a new blend, researched in a reliable delivery option and found a fabulous roaster on Cyprus that has now become part of the Rugby Tackling Life and COOFFEEE family. Yiannis and Dimitra and their team have been so supportive and we are looking very much forward to working with them. More information about Tribe Coffee Roasters, you can read here:
Tribe – Introduction Brochure (Feb.17)

We are working on the details now and will let you know once we the online shop is up and running!

COOFFEEE for Germany 2017

COOFFFEEE’s world design.